Saturday, December 15, 2012

Field Trip

Yesterday SH and I decided to go on a field trip and went to the California Science Center to see the space shuttle.  A little backstory...SH is an identical twin and his brother wants to be an astronaut.  Most of his education and career have been in the hopes of eventually being an astronaut. He applies every time N.A.SA opens up the application process. In college, he even put a satellite into space that, I think, is still orbiting. Yup, I am related to an actual rocket scientist. So, for their birthday a few years ago, SH managed to get tickets to a shuttle launch in Florida. With all his love of space, SH's brother had never seen a launch. We were all really excited to go and booked the hotel and plane tickets. Then the launch got pushed due to some sort of mechanical problem. So we changed our hotel and plane tickets. The launch got pushed again. Indefinitely. By this point it was getting too hard to schedule time off work (and too expensive to keep paying airline change fees) so we had to bail on the whole thing. The shuttle did eventually launch but we weren't there. The shuttle program was retired right after that.

So SH and I were really excited when we learned that Ende.eavor would be on display in Los Angeles and that it would be doing a flyover of the city before making it's way to the museum.  The day of the flyover we hiked up to the Grif.fith Park Observatory and waited for it. For hours. On a super hot, sunny day with no shade in sight. It was pretty cool to watch it fly right over us and over the H'wood sign and totally worth the crowds and the waiting. Here it is flying over the observatory:

Yesterday, we finally made it to the Science Center to check it out up close. It really is quite amazing.

While we were there, we decided to check out some of the other exhibits (I did find the human reproduction exhibit. It was not very helpful) when I stumbled across some really cute chicks and eggs. I thought the eggs were just for display purposes until they started moving and suddenly this happened:

I made SH stand there for a good half hour waiting for those chicks to make their way out. It was amazing and crazy to watch but I may never crack another egg open. Ever. I am currently a little terrified that a chicken will fall out of my organic, brown eggs.

So, overall a nice day of distractions (even if the place was swarming with screaming kids on school field trips). Plus, it was a nice excuse to write a blog post about something other than sadness and infertility.


  1. Sounds like a good distraction. How cool to watch the chicks hatch!

  2. That sounds super cool! I was a bit of a space geek myself as a kid, so I can totally appreciate how exciting it would have been to check out the shuttle. And the chicks? That's just an awesome bonus!

  3. I'd love to watch chicks hatch, but I think I would have the same reaction. I'd be afraid to break open an egg again!