Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 3 transfer

We ended up with 3 embryos. I am disappointed. I thought we would have a couple more. I hoped we would have a couple more. I know I only need one good embryo to stick but it's nice to have a cushion. It's nice to have backups.

On the bright side, they are 3 good embryos. Dr. N wanted us to try for a day 5 transfer because they were growing so well. We have never done that. We have never seen if any of them make it to blastocyst. Logically and scientifically, I know he is right. We should see if the problem is the embryo not growing or if it's an implantation issue. Emotionally, I can't take the risk of having nothing to transfer. I can't go through an entire IVF cycle and pay all that money only to have zero chance of becoming pregnant. With only 3 embryos it just felt like too high of a risk. I can't afford to lose any in the lab. So we opted to do a Day 3 transfer yesterday.  And we transferred all of them to give them all a fighting chance.  We had two 3-day embryos (8-cell and 6-cell) and one 2-day embryo (4-cell) because of the late fertilization. So now I am PUPO with triplets.

The transfer itself was the best I have had so far. I was already relaxed because of the valium and acupuncture, but SH was amazing and made me pretty much forget what it was we were doing there. I was talking to him about how I couldn't turn off my brain. How I just can't focus even on the meditation program I have been listening to. So he started talking about our wedding. We got married in Mexico with just our immediate family with us. It was a really fun week in a house we rented on the beach. Our wedding was at sunset on the beach.

He said to think of the sand under my feet whenever I need to slow down my brain. So we just started reminiscing about all the things we did during that week and at that moment nothing else was happening in the world. I was truly relaxed when Dr. N finally came in. The transfer itself was quick and for once my bladder wasn't overly full to the point I thought I would pee right there on the table. While I was laying there with my legs up after the transfer, SH started talking about other trips we had taken. We just talked and laughed the whole time. I didn't worry for one second while we were at the clinic. SH was worried about me laughing, though. I think he was worried about me laughing the embryos right out. But then I told him it's actually a good thing. There was actually a study saying laughing after an IVF transfer can improve chances of pregnancy.

So now I am home on day 2 of 3 days of bed rest. I was instructed to lay flat on my back in bed on the day of transfer (only getting up to use the bathroom) and the following 2 days are more modified "couch" rest. I can sit up but should remain reclining as much as possible. The problem with this is it kills my back! I slept terribly last night because my back hurt so much and I can't take any advil to help it. I am not sure how necessary this all is, but SH is making me take it seriously. He won't let me get up for anything. Luckily, he's a really great caretaker and gets me anything I need.

Here are some of my other 2 Week Wait rules:
  • No baths or submerging in any kind of water. Showers only.
  • Avoid using stomach muscles (um, easier said than done)
  • No sex or orgasm
  • No exercise
  • Don't lift anything over 5 pounds (also easier said than done)
  • Don't stand for prolonged periods of time
My doctor is pretty conservative and says the above rules should be followed for the first trimester. He also recommends not traveling during the first trimester. If I actually get pregnant, I will definitely be getting a 2nd opinion on some of these. I think I'll be picking an OB/GYN who is a bit more lenient than this.

So now I wait. Beta is on February 25. That feels like an eternity, but I'm sure it will be here before I know it.


  1. I'm sorry that you only had three embryos, but the good news that you had three embryos. That's three more transplanted that you had just two days ago. :-)

    I'm glad your husband made you so relaxed during the transfer. Try to stay as sane as possible until Feb 25th!

  2. Congrats on being PUPO!!! OMG Imagine if all 3 decide to snuggle in and implant? I am sending you lots of sticky vibes!!

    It's interesting all of your post transfer instructions. They sound very similar to my Dr's. I had read that all of this rest is not necessary, so last time I didn't follow that. This time around, I plan to follow all of the instructions to a T!

    Good luck and keep us posted!!

  3. Good luck! Those instructions are crazy, I can't imagine some of them. The 2ww is maddening enough already without all of those things to worry about too. I really think being busy helped me more this time around. It sure make the time pass more quickly. You never want to have regrets though.

  4. Congrats on the three embryos that have found their way home to mama. Enjoy your rest, and I hope your back doesn't hurt too much.

  5. I'm so excited for you and your 3 little embabies!!! I'm glad the transfer went so smoothly and your husband was so amazing and is taking care of you. I have to admit that the first trimester rules do sound rather restricting, with the exception of if there is any reason indicating to will have trouble staying pregnant. Most say you can have sex beyond the 2 week wait ( although Hubby and I chose to wait because we were afraid to mess anything up). Most are also allowed to do light exercise with no impact, with a weight lifting limit of 30 lbs. most women are encouraged to at least exercise a little, but I am not a doctor!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear the news on the 25th!

  6. i am very glad that you had three good embyros to transfer! especially 2 8 celled! that is great1 Can you believe you are PUPO with triplets!?

    Sounds like your husband was AWESOME!!!

    Sounds like your doc is very very conservative with the intsrutions - obviously you want to consider them but make sure you are comfortable too - esp if you back keeps hurting!!

  7. i am wishing you only the best for your 3 embies. the bed rest does sound super conservative. dont stress out; lots get preggo doing a ton of stuff. it is just that we all want everything to go well. if it helps my doctor always says you can do nothing wrong...i love him for that.

  8. Ouch. Your restricted to all the things that can keep people sane during that time. Well, I guess you will just develop willpower like a boss.

    Take care of those little embies! So hoping this is it for you!