Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First OB appointment

I had my first real OB appointment today.  This OB came highly recommended by a friend of ours and so far we really like him. He has a great demeanor and it's a small practice so he will be the one to deliver our babies. We won't just get whoever is on call that day. That was really important to us. The visit wasn't too extensive, I think, because I still have one more appointment with Dr. N before I officially graduate to my OB's care. Mostly just getting some history and answering our questions. He did a quick ultrasound and the babies are doing great and were wiggling around like crazy. He says at this point we are down to only a 5% chance of miscarriage. The ultrasound was actually the thing that made me finally start to feel like a real pregnant lady. It was a belly ultrasound! So long, Wandy!

I got a good laugh when I got up on the exam table. I looked down at the stirrups and saw this:

Before I left, Dr. B asked me about the prenatal vitamins I was taking. I told him I was taking some recommended by my acupuncturist but they were hard to take because it's a packet of 7 pills. He said I didn't need to take that many (especially because of the nausea) and he would give me a few samples of others and I could decide what I liked. Well, this is what I came home with:

That big box in the back is a one month supply. I haven't counted how many are in the other packages, but I think this should last me at least a few months. That's a lot of money I just saved right there! He also suggested I take extra vitamin D as it's supposed to reduce the chances of gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia and pre-term labor. SH actually discovered this little factoid on Dr. Google the other day and has been the vitamin D police ever since.

I came home after the appointment to find a lot of cuteness. The box in the picture below is some maternity clothes my sister-in-law sent me (hopefully the first box of many). I threw the box in our (soon to be former) guest room until I feel ready to try them on. Today my cats decided they should cuddle up and take a nap in it. I think if they knew what those clothes meant, they would probably pee all over the box. They have no idea how much their world is about to change. They thought it was bad when we got a dog!


  1. Ha love the kitties taking over the box! And congrats on a great ultrasound!

  2. Hey we're appointment buddies! I had mine today too :) I totally agree about feeling like it's more "real" now that I've graduated to the belly ultrasound instead of the dildowand. Ha. Although she also did internally to get an accurate measurement. Which was cool, because we good see more detail that way.

    My doctor also has the kitchen mitten stirrup covers. So funny.

    Anyhow, glad your appt went so well. Good for you on the prenatals AND the maternity clothes!

  3. I can't wait for no more Wandy! Yay!!!

  4. So sweet that she sent you maternity clothes and love how it's not one but both cats snuggling in the box. My cats cuddle together -they're like an old married couple. Glad you're happy with your OB!

  5. So for the prenatals -- not sure if this is an option with what your OB gave you, but I think it's pretty important to take a vitamin with iron and vitamin C (which helps the iron absorb properly) on an empty stomach in the morning; and then to take a separate vitamin with calcium (and whatever else) with dinner in the evening. Calcium needs to be kept separate from iron, for sure!

    Good to hear about the vitamin D -- I'm so worried about pre-eclampsia, and had idea there was a connection! And congrats on making it one step further... it's so important to feel good about your OB.

  6. I found the best luck with Nexa Plus. I have a bag of many of the samples I see you have too- and I love/d the Nexa Plus and took B-Nexa for morning sickness. There is also a great coupon on their website. Target Brand were also okay - but I prefer the Nexa Plus.

  7. So great that you found an OB you like! Isn't it great to get that wiggling reassurance?! Very happy to hear this good news!

  8. I'm so happy for you! Sounds like things are going great with the babies :) it has to be reassuring to actually really like your OB and know that be will be the one to for sure deliver the babies. I don't really like the idea of having an on call doctor that I don't really know! Score on the prenatals! Looking forward to your next update!

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  10. Your cats are the cutest!

    And I loooove the oven kits! Made me smile. Makes me want to stick some on the stirrups at my clinic.