Monday, August 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well,  mostly sweet.

Unfortunately, there have been a few bumps since I got back on Saturday.

  • I was locked out of my apartment when I first got here. We had let a friend borrow one of our cars while we were away and instead of just giving him the car keys, SH gave him my whole set of keys. Friend was supposed to drop the car off Saturday morning and leave the keys under the mat. Well, the car was parked out front and the keys were nowhere to be found.  (Did I mention I flew home alone? SH was driving back from Michigan and was probably somewhere in Nebraska at the time.) I called the neighbors who had been watching our cats and had keys to our apartment. They weren't home but probably would be within the hour.  Meanwhile, I really had to pee and had no way of getting to a bathroom. I couldn't drive my car without a key and I didn't want to leave my luggage sitting in front of my door while I walked over to Starbucks. Thankfully, I walked around back and saw the landlord's handyman was doing some work at our building. I asked him if he had keys. He didn't but said he could break into my apartment since my windows were open. He didn't have a ladder tall enough so he backed his truck under my balcony, put a table in the bed of the truck, then put a ladder on top of that and leaned it against my balcony. This did not seem at all like a good idea. At all. He managed to climb up safely, climbed through my window and opened the back door. Phew. I was in (and trying not to think of how easy it is for someone to break into my apartment when the windows are all left open during the summer). Turns out Friend left the car key in the house. But not the rest of the keys. I am not sure why because he obviously had my house keys to come in and leave the car key.  Anyway, the neighbors showed up not long after that and gave me their set of keys (and as a bonus cleaned the kitty litter one last time since they were worried about me doing it).
  • Though not entirely unexpected, my apartment was a kitty disaster zone. I swear there was an inch thick layer of cat hair covering all surfaces. Not to mention the various poo and vomit gifts they left throughout the apartment.  It's always fun to have to immediately clean when you get home from a long trip. I have made it through the first layer of fur and dust and will do a more thorough cleaning once SH is here and can help.
  • Once I got a handle on the fur and picked up enough groceries to get me through the next few days, I was ready to relax on the couch and start catching up on some shows on my DVR. Or just watch any channel besides the 10 I had in my hotel (5 of which were ESPN).  Then the TV wouldn't turn on. Our one and only TV. I called SH so he could help me troubleshoot. I tried everything we could think of, but obviously something is broken inside the TV. So here it is, Saturday evening, and there is no possibility of me getting a hold of any sort of repair person until Monday. My plans of doing nothing but being a couch potato (and not feeling guilty about it) were shot. I'm not gonna lie, I started crying. A lot. Over a broken TV. I know it's not the end of the world, but it's just one more expense we really don't need right now. I don't think it's going to be cheap to fix but I also don't have time to research and shop for a new TV so a repair will have to do.
  • Despite not being able to watch bad TV, I have managed to relax and get ready for the craziness of the next couple weeks. My mom and SH's mom and siblings (along with their families) will be here in a few days for our shower on Saturday. SH's sister and our niece are helping us with the nursery so there will be a lot of painting happening. I basically told them what I liked, what colors I wanted and a general theme and they are designing it from there. Part of me is happy about that because I do not have the interior designer gene, but part of me really hates giving up control and I'm afraid I'll hate it and have to live with it because I won't want to hurt their feelings. They both love to decorate, but I have to admit, their style is very different from mine.  SH stopped to see them on his cross country drive and picked up all the stuff they bought to decorate so I will get to see it in a few hours when he gets home.   He says they got some good stuff and he thinks I will like it.
So now I am just waiting for SH to get through LA rush hour traffic and get home. It will be nice to have the family back together again. The dog and the cats will be very happy to see him. Speaking of dog and cats, it must be dinner time since they are all hovering around and staring at me. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Defying gravity

*Belly shot ahead. You have been warned*

I must have had a growth spurt a couple weeks ago. Last week at work, so many people were telling me how I suddenly looked hugely pregnant. I mean, they couldn't get over it.  I guess I went from cute baby bump to "holy crap" practically overnight. 

Now that I am suddenly huge, SH just looks at me and constantly asks how I am not tipping over. I have to say, after seeing this picture, I can see why he is concerned. Yet somehow I manage to stay upright.

28 weeks 3 days

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Where am I? What day is it?

I apologize. I have been a very negligent blogger lately. My life has, quite literally, been taken over by alien robots (um, that is a huge clue to the movie I am working on).

Work has been incredibly busy. I am working 12 hour days and still feel so behind on all the work I have to do. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - I only have 2 more weeks of work and then I get to go back to LA. Yay! As much as I like the paycheck, I am ready to go home, sleep in my own bed and hang out with my pets. Also, I really miss my DVR. I have so much TV to catch up on when I get home.

SH has been in Michigan with me and I even managed to get him a job on the movie. It's worked out very well, actually. It's not a job he normally does, but the hours are easy so he's getting to go play golf after work since it stays light so late here and he is loving that.  We have tried to do some sightseeing but have been limited because I just don't have the stamina I normally do. We spent an afternoon in Ann Arbor, went to a Tigers game, took a tour of Motown (one of my favorite things we did), and did the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  Last weekend we topped it off with a weekend trip to Niagara Falls. I had never been and it's only a few hours away so off we went. My plan was to buy some cu.ban cigars while we were in Canada for when the babies get here, but SH chickened out and was worried about crossing the border.  So, all I got to bring back was some maple syrup. There are some more things we could do, but I feel like I need to start taking it easy now. I have a lot to do when we get home so I feel like I need to rest up in preparation for that. I don't want to overdo it.

Now, the baby update...

This weekend I am 27 weeks, which puts me in the 3rd trimester. That is completely unbelievable to me. The 2nd trimester (and this summer) completely flew by. I have so much to do to get ready for these babies that I hope the 3rd trimester doesn't go by as fast. I think the brief "honeymoon" period I have had for the past 8 weeks or so are coming to an end.  I am getting more and more tired, my ankles are starting to swell, and it's just in general getting harder to move around easily. I am definitely waddling instead of walking now.  Oh, and the heartburn. Can't forget the heartburn. As tough as pregnancy (and a twin pregnancy) can be, I am still so grateful and amazed that I am actually here. I get surprised sometimes when I walk by a mirror and see my huge belly. It still feels so surreal to me. When I run into co-workers in the hall that I don't know, they'll ask me when I'm due and I always think they are asking "What do you do?" Like, what department are you in on the movie. I don't know why it seems to take a minute to register when people ask me a question about my pregnancy. I guess it goes back to me still not always believing that this is actually real and happening.

I had my last OB appointment at 25 weeks 4 days. I was measuring 31 weeks. I think I have only gained about 25 pounds and it's still all belly (thanks, mom, for the good genes). The babies are right on track. Baby A is measuring a few days behind Baby B, but nothing to worry about. I told SH that, of course Baby A is smaller. She is definitely the more active of the two so she is burning off all those calories. The best news is they both turned and are no longer breech. They are both (finally!) head down and I am really, really hoping they stay that way. They move around a lot. I think they probably get each other going. Sometimes it feels like a dance party in there. The weirdest part is that I can see them move. I can just watch my belly move around. It's cool and amazing and  a little creepy all at the same time.

I also had my 1-hour glucose test at that appointment. I failed. Ugh. So I had to go back for the 3-hour test. I felt awful during the one hour test from the sugary drink you have to have. I actually almost passed out. And I was able to eat before that test. For the 3-hour test I would have to fast and the drink would have twice as much glucose. Add in 4 blood draws in 3 hours and I was just a ball of anxiety in the days leading up to the test. I was honestly more worried about the test than I was about having gestational diabetes. For someone who has a needle phobia, this seemed like the ultimate form of torture. If I was ever taken prisoner, all they would have to do is threaten to torture me by sticking a needle in me every hour and I would talk. I would spill all the secrets. All of them. In the end, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. For some reason, while I didn't feel great, I didn't get as sick from the drink this time and I made it through all the blood draws just fine. And I passed! No GD for me. So happy and relieved.

Now I need to get caught up on reading all of your posts. Slowly getting there.