Thursday, June 19, 2014

480 months

Last weekend I turned 40 and a few days later Paige and Riley turned 9 months. So, one day while I was at work, SH made me a sticker so I could be in the girls' monthly photo. Who knew he was so crafty?

Life has been crazy the last couple months and I totally keep meaning to post and just haven't been able to. I have managed to mostly keep up with blog reading, but never have a chance to get my blog posts out of my head and into the computer.  

The short story is the whole family came on location to Pittsburgh for a movie I am working on. SH is continuing to play Mr. Mom while I work. Moving 2 babies cross country is no easy feat (though it is admittedly made easier when someone else is footing the bill for shipping and relocating). They have adapted amazingly well, though. Unfortunately, I just found out my movie is shutting down so now we have to pack everything up again and head back to LA. We were supposed to be here until Thanksgiving and now we may be home by 4th of July. Sigh. As nice as it will be to be home, being on location (and earning the extra money that goes with it) was going to ensure that we paid off all our IVF bills by the end of the year. Now? Who knows.

In more fun news, the girls are crawling and sitting and standing. Riley seems to hit all the milestones a few weeks before Paige, but they both seem pretty on target with them. Looks like I didn't need to worry about them being delayed because they were preemie.  I get so excited and proud when they do something new. I don't get as sad and nostalgic as I used to about them growing up.  I figure I can get my newborn fix from friends having babies. They are so much fun right now, too.  They just start smiling and laughing and get so, so excited when I come home from work. That's the best part of my day and cheers me up no matter how bad work gets. They are becoming real people and getting personalities and it's so fun to hang out with them. It's also exhausting and terrifying now that they are moving around. 

Ok. That's the cliff notes version of the current state of my life. Maybe I'll be able to write more soon since I'm about to be unemployed again.