Saturday, September 13, 2014

A day in the life

I'm jumping on the bandwagon because I think these posts are fascinating. I decided to do it on a weekend since I'm with the girls all day. This day is not very typical, though. We are getting ready for their 1st birthday and for our family coming into town next week so there is a lot more going on than normal. 

This was yesterday:

6:00 - wake up :(
6:05 - realize i can't fall back asleep and get up. Check FB because I am too tired to function yet.
6:13 - hear Riley babbling and kicking the end of the crib
6:22 - make a pitcher of formula for the day
6:30 - start coffee. SH is up
6:33 - put laundry in dryer that has been sitting in the washer for a day and overnight. Throw blanket from bed in washer because the cat puked on it in the middle of the night
6:38 -all is quiet. Riley must have fallen back asleep
6:45 - coffee!
6:57 - babies are stirring
7:00 - time to get them up. I grab Riley and change her diaper, SH grabs Paige. We give them their bottles. Paige actually drank the whole thing which is unusual.
7:13 - put them in their car seats. We got into the habit of having them sit still and upright after each bottle because of the reflux. They used to go in the swings, but we got rid of those. Give them wubbanub pacifiers to entertain them
7:20 - start working on projects for the bday party
7:30 - babies have had enough of sitting still. Thankyouverymuch. Move them to play area.
7:35 - continue with party projects.
7:45 - smell poop. Change Riley's diaper
7:55 - clean kitty litter, more laundry. SH continues party projects. Girls are playing happily and peacefully.
8:15 - start getting breakfast ready, check for poopy diapers and put girls in high chairs
8:25 - girls are munching on grapes and clementines. Paige is stashing grapes in her cheeks like she is a squirrel. SH takes the dog for a walk.
8:35 - feed girls some oatmeal and Greek yogurt
9:00 - after eating some puffs and then screaming because I had the audacity to clean off their faces, the girls are back in the play area
9:05 - relax on the couch for a few minutes
9:10 - SH washes the breakfast dishes
9:17 - I smell poop again. Change Paige's diaper.
9:25 - more laundry. SH puts girls down for a nap.
9:30 - eat some toast. Actually remember to take vitamins.
9:45 - sounds like girls are asleep. SH heads off to get some party prep items.
9:50 - open a box that my MIL sent with presents for the girls' birthday. She used diapers as padding. Score!
9:55 - start cleaning kitchen
10:50 - kitchen finally clean. Even cleaned the microwave. Why did that take so long? Relax and play some words with friends before the girls wake up.
11:05 - the babies are stirring. Go in get Riley up, change her diaper and put her in some clothes for the day. Try to clear all the snot from her nose but she screams and fights me. She has a whole lot of snot this week from a mild cold.
11:15 - get Paige up, change her diaper and put her in clothes for the day
11:20 - girls quietly playing together In the play area
11:25 - turn on Disney radio on my phone. Girls are fascinated and keep trying to get to my phone.
11:30 - get in the play area with the girls. Am immediately accosted by babies wanting snuggles. 
11:45 - they wander off to play with toys. I take a couple Advil because I suddenly have a wicked headache. Perhaps it's the Disney radio. More laundry.
11:55 - dance around the living room to the delight of Paige and Riley. My dancing is hilarious.
12:00 - "do you want to build a snowman?" No. It's 95 degrees outside. The girls are getting fussy. I start to get lunch ready.
12:10 - diapers checked and everyone in high chairs. Finger food? Turkey meatloaf and peas. Plus, a few purée pouches since a lot of the finger food will end up on the floor
12:15 - the animals have learned the babies drop food and start sniffing around. The cat just scored a piece of turkey meatloaf.
12:30 - they actually ate a lot of turkey meatloaf. These girls are definitely carnivores.
12:40 - lunch is over and I give them sippy cups with water. They still don't quite get the sippy cup and mostly bang it in the high chair tray.
12:50 - more screaming as I clean their faces. I try to explain to them that I wouldn't have to do this if they would stop wiping food all over their face
12:55 - put them down to play. Paige starts crying. I pick her up. Still crying. I pick up a paci, realize it's dirty so put it down. Harder crying. Find a clean paci. No more crying. Now we're hanging out on the couch while Paige looks out the window. Riley is playing on her own.
1:00 - try to put Paige down to play. More crying. We continue to hang out on the couch instead
1:10 - SH is home from his epic run of errands. Everyone is excited.
1:15 - excitement didn't last long. We now have 2 crying and fussing babies.
1:30 -put them down for a nap
1:45 - sleeping babies. I just realized I am still in my pajamas. Change into real clothes.
1:55 - finally eat lunch
2:00 - neighbor is spray painting on his balcony right outside my window. This is not helping my headache.
2:10 - drink a Mexican coke hoping the caffeine will help my headache. Work on party projects.
2:43 - I hear some babbling. Not a very long nap. Maybe they'll go back to sleep.
2:52 - Nope. They are awake. Let them babble while we get bottles ready.
3:05 - we get them up, diapers changed and feed them bottles.
3:25 - back into the car seats for about 10 minutes to let the formula digest
3:35 - Free the girls from their car seat prison. Take out the trash. Walk the dog around the block because it's too hot walk farther. Continue with party projects.
3:50 - Play with babies while we wait for glue to dry. Change Riley's poopy diaper.
4:20 - Still have a headache. The glue is soaking through the ribbon on our party project. Thankfully we tested before doing it on the actual project. Now we are on the hunt for fabric or ribbon glue.
4:30 - Take more Advil and decide to lay down for a little while to get rid of this headache.
5:05 - took a short nap. Still have headache. 
5:20 - Girls have been checked for poopy diapers and are in their high chairs ready for dinner. Tonight's selection of finger foods is cheese, red pepper, and apple. We were going to make them grilled cheese but it's too hot for cooking with fire.
5:29 - Think my headache is finally going away.
5:45 - Throw in more laundry while SH finishes feeding the girls dinner. Headache is still here. Take more Advil.
6:00 - Feed the animals. Babies scream while SH cleans their faces. He tries to explain how much easier and faster it would be if they stopped fighting.
6:05 - Paige goes in the exersaucer and Riley goes in the door bouncer swing.
6:10 -Relax for a few minutes. Check FB. SH is doing dishes. I feel guilty for being on FB so I help dry.
6:20 - Give overdue flea treatment to animals. Babies are still happily bouncing and exersauce-ing.
6:30 - Decide to skip baths tonight because of headache. 
6:35 - Paige is getting fussy so I take her out of the exersaucer. We snuggle for a few minutes before I change her for bed. I realize she has dried food on her forehead and reconsider the bath situation before deciding to just clean her with a diaper wipe.
6:40 - SH gets Riley ready for bed.
6:42 - Start getting bottles ready.
6:45 - Realize I put the bottle in the warmer but forgot to turn it on. For the 2nd time today.
6:50 - Read a couple of books. Try to keep Riley from eating them.
6:57 - Feed them their last bottles.
7:10 - Put them in their sleep sacks, turn on sleep sheep and put them in their cribs.
7:15 - All is quiet in the nursery. I think that might possibly be the fastest they have settled down and gone to sleep. They must be extra tired tonight. 
7:18 - SH is making grilled cheese sandwiches after all. Turns out that's pretty much all we have in the house.
7:20 - Wash last 2 bottles and put them all in the sterilizer.
7:30 - Eat dinner. Realize all the stuff I didn't do today. Totally forgot to order the food for the party. Only got one room clean. Didn't actually finish any party projects, but did make progress.
9:30 - Haven't left the couch since dinner. I am exhausted. Remember that I washed the sheets this morning and need to make the bed.
10:00 - Head to bed to sleep in my nice clean sheets and try not to think about my never ending to-do list


  1. I love reading these day in the life posts! Thank you for sharing yours. Sounds like you are very busy getting ready for their birthday party. So are they only drinking 3 bottles/day now? That seems like it will never happen around here. My two scream like banshees when they are hungry and boy do they want their bottles!

  2. These day in the life posts scare the everloving crap out of me. I'm just hoping that since most of the ones I'm reading are twin moms, that having a singleton will be just slightly less crazy. Don't know how you all do it!

  3. I've been totally meaning to do one of these posts but always forget to write down a play by play of my day... Hopefully soon!! Also- I'm dying to hear more abt the twins' party!!

  4. You go girl! Damn that sounds like an exhausting day!

  5. I loved reading this. In fact, I read it like a week ago and am just now commenting, but I am still struck simultaneously by how much work it seems with two (WOW) and how well you seem to have it down. Like it's just no big deal. So impressive. Also, all week, every time I try to wipe Owen's face after a meal and he screams bloody murder, I smile because I know I'm not alone ;)