Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Birthday Party

This will be a post in pictures. If I wait until I have time to write about the whole party, then it probably won't happen anytime soon. Plus, I'm not sure a detailed account of the party would be all that interesting anyway. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out, despite being really worried about us going overboard. Considering how hard we worked to get to a 1st birthday celebration, I think we deserve to go a little over the top.

Party dresses! Labeled P and R for easy identification. They are also wearing shoes for the first time.

Party venue! Historic carousel.

Banner of monthly pictures. Idea found online, but actually made it ourselves (except the horses which were bought on etsy)

Centerpieces! These are completely the work of SH. Who knew he was so crafty? We sent those lollipops home with a few kids - those parents probably hate us.

All set up and ready for guests to arrive.

Birthday name banner. Overcast day.


Carousel of old-timey candy! This was SH's idea that my SIL and niece were able to put together at the last minute.

Smash cakes!

Paige and Riley had very different approaches to eating cake.  

Well, that's pretty much it for pictures that don't have a bunch of other people in them. Seeing as how I don't even put pictures of myself on this blog, I probably shouldn't post pictures of other people. 


  1. Happy birthday girls!! Looks. Like a great party!!

  2. Loooove the pictures! Adorable theme and the cutest party dresses for the cutest little girls!!

  3. Looks like a great party! And the girls clearly had a good time!

  4. Cute party! I love the party dresses on the girls!

  5. I love the carousel theme! What a great idea, very creative decorations. You guys definitely deserved to go overboard, but I think it looks perfect! The girls are so cute. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday twinsies! Oh and those cupcakes need to get in my face STAT.

  7. Jen, that looks amazing! I am so impressed with your (and SH's) creativity!

  8. Looks like so much fun!! I love the carousel!! It also makes me realize I need to get their birthday party post up too.

  9. Everything about this is just adorable. Love it! And call me crazy, but I've already been brainstorming ideas for Molly's first birthday... just to file away for later... something similar to this may end up on the list!

  10. What a beautiful parties for your sweet babes!!! Love this.