Saturday, March 7, 2015

Daylight savings

So, tonight we change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time. 

If the internet is to be believed, this is the most catastrophic event ever for the parents of young children.

Personally, I think everyone is being a little over dramatic. Sure, it involves some crankiness and adjustment, but it's only for a few days. How is this any different from any other sleep disruption? Let's face it - even the best sleepers have bad nights (weeks?). If you have young kids, you are going to have some nights with little sleep.  You are going to have early mornings. It happens. I don't really get why the time change is such a big deal. 

Maybe I'm a little naive because I'm still new to all this, but so far it hasn't been a huge problem. Maybe I'm lucky and my kids adapt more quickly. I don't know.  Or maybe I'll change my tune by Monday and jump on the "I hate daylight savings" bandwagon.  Last time we "sprung forward" the girls were probably 6 months old, so they were still just getting on a sleep schedule. There was really nothing to disrupt. They did fine with the time change in the fall, but we also spent a few days gradually moving their bedtime to get them adjusted. We should have been doing that this week, but it's been a busy week. I was out at work events a couple nights this week and SH was left to do bedtime alone. So it wasn't the best week to make changes. I guess we'll just see what happens. We've traveled to different time zones and they have adjusted within a couple days. I expect this to be about the same.

I also think it's good for kids to learn to adapt to change. I don't really want to create a perfect, unchanging environment for my kids because that isn't going to help them live in the real world.  Yes, we have a routine and a schedule, but I want to be able to deviate from it when necessary without it being the end of the world.  It's the same reason we never bothered to be quiet while they were napping. I needed them to be able to sleep through anything. I don't live in a particularly quiet area. You know what? It worked. They have actually napped through our neighbor jackhammering tiles off his bathroom floor. So, I'll look at this time change and any consequences of it over the next few days as character building for the girls. How's that for positive spin?

On another note, why do we still do this? Does it still serve a purpose? I love it staying light later, but doesn't that happen with the seasons naturally anyway? Arizona doesn't take part and they seem to be doing just fine.


  1. I think it's a Twin Mom thing not to make a big deal of it. One friend with a singleton was planning to change the bed time by 10 min each night for a week to make a successful transition. The Twin Mom scoffed "No, it's now 7 o'clock and we go to bed" That's how you do it. Apparently, it does contribute to about $30 million in energy savings!

    1. Apparently it does not contribute to energy savings. This topic was covered in Last Week Tonight with John Olivers's 'How is This Still a Thing'

  2. Omg people have been telling me that we are going to go weeks with no sleep because of DST!!! It's my first one with babies so I don't know what to expect but I'm really hoping it's not as bad as everyone on social media says!!

  3. Well, this is my 3rd time trying to leave a comment, so now I'm just going to say hello! Hope things to smoothly with the time change!

  4. I never knew DST was supposed to affect kids so dramatically. Hopefully it's all just hype. My friend is from London and she said the do DST there which I was shocked.

  5. Thank goodness the girls did well last night

  6. Yes, overblown for sure! When my kids were little we just had them stay up a bit later and they ended up getting up at the same time as always. I swear, this generation of catered children have grown up to be a bunch of complainers! The point of it was for farmers and I agree it's probably not necessary anymore. I would love to keep the "spring forward" time year round so we get rid of 4:30 sunsets in December.

  7. I've never even heard of people adjusting their kids for DST. That's a thing?!?

  8. The province I live in doesn't do it and I gotta say, it makes life simpler! That being said, I totally agree with all the points you made. Paloma is on a loose schedule but I allow for an hour of flexibility every day anyway...