Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Toddler Life

A post in pictures...

Who needs coffee? We like to start our day by banging ours heads on the wall.

 I am a hoarder. I need all of the pacis.
She seriously has a problem

We are much too busy to pose for a picture together.
Where are the donuts? I heard there were donuts at this party.

I like to wear mommy's shoes.

I also like to wear easter baskets as shoes.

And blocks...

And plastic cups...

I might be in trouble with this shoe thing

I don't know why you bother buying toys. I would much rather play in the box you store them in.

Mommy! We'll help clean up our toys.


Ready to go on a walk whenever you are.

and this is just for a walk around the block.

Birthday parties are fun!

I heart the swing.

These easter baskets make great hats!

Ok. We'll pose together just this once.